The Following Nyala Is For Sale

Nyala Ooie  (Naboomspruit)                                                                 Julie 2014

5 x Nyala ooie.
R30 000 elk cash gelaai.


Nyala Bull(Limpopo)                                                                               Junie 2014

1 x Nyala Bull                                                                     -SOLD-
6 years old
26.2″(measured in Oktober 2013)
R 20 000 + Vat Loaded on buyers transport. Cash also payable.
Attached is specific animal.

Specific Nyala Bull for Sale

Specific Nyala Bull for Sale


Nyala Bulls(Limpopo)                                                                        Junie 2014

4 x Nyala Bulls
2 years old
Fathered by 29.5″ Nyala Bull
R 40 000 + Vat, Loaded on Buyers transport. Cash also accepted.
Attached Photos of specific bull and Father, the other bulls look the same.

Nyala Bulls For sale.

Nyala Bulls For sale.

Father of Bulls. 29.5"

Father of Bulls. 29.5″


 Nyala Bulls(Limpopo)                                                                    Junie 2014

2 x Nyala bulls
3 years old.
Fathered by 30.5″ Nyala Bull ( See Attached Photo)
R 45 000 + Vat Each, Loaded. Cash can also be paid.

30.5" Nyala Bull, Father of 2 Bulls to be sold (NOT FOR SALE).

30.5″ Nyala Bull, Father of 2 Bulls to be sold (NOT FOR SALE).

Nyala Bull 2 for sale, sired by 30.5" Nyala Bull.

Nyala Bull 2 For Sale, sired by 30.5″ Nyala Bull.

Nyala Bull 1, sired by 30.5" Nyala Bull

Nyala Bull 1 For Sale, sired by 30.5″ Nyala Bull





11 thoughts on “The Following Nyala Is For Sale

  1. Mark Fetting


    I am a farmer from the Eastern Cape and am looking to get into black impala breeding. I am looking to start with really big gened normal ewes, a few splits and a really big black ram. If you know of anyone selling a 23+inch black impala ram or really big normal ewes, please contact me. I am also looking to get a few big gened nyala to run in the camped off sections of the farm with the black impala. The game fences are still being put up at the moment but should be completed in the next 2 months. Would you have any decent cows for sale at that time as well as a bull?

    Mark Fetting

  2. monique

    Ek is opsoek na 20 njalas… 2 bulle en 18 ooitjies as u my kan laat weet wavoor die pryse gaan per stuk sal ek dit baie wardeur .


    Good day.

    Please send me some info and prices on nyalas available.
    I am looking for 10 female and 2 male animals.

    Andre de Beer
    Mafikeng NW Province.


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